Meet the maker…

My name is Imogen, or Immy for short. For as long as I can remember I have always loved drawing, crafting and generally being creative. I feel lucky to say that my childhood was filled with a lot of magic and adventure and in my paintings I try to reconnect with this sense of childlike nostalgia. I loved art at school but it wasn’t really encouraged as a career to pursue so ‘being academic’ I ended up studying History of Art at Uni. Quite soon after starting the course I realised how much I was missing making things and dropped out, lost and unsure of where to go... Luckily I found an Art Foundation Course which was maybe the best year of my education as I got to experiment with all different crafts! I realised that maybe a career in the arts was a possibility and decided to go to university to study illustration. I love the challenge of thinking of concepts and visual ways to convey ideas.

I was super proud to finish University with a 1st Class Honours in Illustration.

Since graduating I have been busy exploring the world, with my travel scanner and paints in my bag, working as I travelled and visiting artist’s residencies where possible. On my last trip to India I serendipitously found a jewellery studio where I intended to only spend a few hours making myself a gift but ended spending 12 hours a day in for a couple of months! I’d had a yearning, that I’d been ignoring, to make jewellery for a long time and found it immensely satisfying! I also developed an amazing bond with my teachers who became like my Indian brothers by the end of my time there. 
After so many adventures I’ve returned home to Bristol and am working on jewellery and illustration from my lovely studio in @Hamiltonhouse_bristol. My two big pushes at the moment are getting my online shops set up and finding an agent for my illustration. Watch this space! You can find my jewellery page here.